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Myanmar. What a spectacular, breathtaking, and crazy country. I had the pleasure to visit it before it inevitably blows up (think Cuba) as the country recently relaxed their visa restrictions. I highly recommend you go in the next year or two as Myanmar will get more and more touristy (they are building a huge new airport in Yangon that was still under construction when I was there).

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Damn It, Annapura

Four people were walking besides the river, within the noisy sound of water accompanied the journey. The water flowed like cat and dog, then hit strong hard rocks. Sometime, the spark of water jumped into the riverbed.

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Berduaja, Based in Jakarta. Work in tech. Digital Content, Data Storytelling, Visual Storyteller with Fujifilmxseries. Ready for Assignment and Personal Project.

Everyone must have a story, sometimes just don’t know who to tell and where to start. what if we start by becoming your friend? If you want, let me take a tour around my method.